2019年10月19日 beo(ビーイーオー)東京オフィスにて開催

掲載している動画は、【一般公開】のアイコン付きの動画のみ、どなたでも閲覧いただけます。beoの留学サポートご利用者は全編が閲覧いただけますので、メンバーサイトに記載のパスワードをご確認ください 。(メンバーサイトのトップページ「おすすめコンテンツ」のセクション)

01 General Question-1 (約7分)一般公開

  • What are the best reasons to live and study in your state?

02 General Question-2 (約9分)

  • Which departments or research areas are your university famous for?
  • Do you have notable professors and/or alumni?

03 General Question-3 (約5分半)

  • How many Japanese students are currently studying at your university?

04 General Question-4 (約9分)

  • Do you have accommodation for international students?
  • Any alternatives particular to your university?

05 General Question-5 (約4分半)

  • On average, what would be the living costs per month for an international student in your state?

06 Application-1 (約9分半)

  • Many Australian universities do not require reference letters or personal statements at the point of application. How about your university?
  • Do you have courses which require an interview after application?

07 Application-2 (約6分)

  • What are your GPA requirements?

08 Job Hunting-1 (約14分)

  • What sort of schedule do students usually follow for finding jobs?

09 Job Hunting-2 (約6分)

  • Can you give some examples of Japanese graduates from your university working in Australia?
  • How about job opportunities for international students in your state?
  • Is there any academic area at your university in which international students have relatively many opportunities to find a job?

10 Scholarship (約8分)

  • Do you have scholarships just for international/Japanese students? If so, how many/how much?